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At Universal Boat Lifts, we understand the importance of keeping your boat safe and functioning in salt environments. That's why we've engineered our boat lifts to require minimal maintenance while still providing maximum durability and strength. Our lifts are constructed of 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, which means that they are built to withstand heavy saltwater exposure without rusting or deteriorating over time. Trust our expertise to provide you with a boat lift solution you can rely on.

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A closer look will show you some of the reasons the boat lift requires very little maintenance.   

Operating and maintenance instructions are provided with each lift and also located under support documents in case yours is misplaced.


boat lift top beam

Adjustable piling mounts

Stainless steel fasteners

Weatherproof switches

Machined cable winders

Lifetime bearings

Front and back covers

All cradle lift end plates are thru bolted with stainless steel nylocks and designed to use the strength of entire beam rather than just the top flange. 


Our Aluminum Bunkboards are covered with UV protected vinyl and are adjustable to perfectly fit the contour of your boat.

Aluminum Bunkboards.png

Gear Plates 

AMS Flat Plate Drives have withstood the test of time and have been used on lifts for decades.  It features galvanized steel or aluminum backing plates, bronze worm gear, and a large 12" cast-iron bull gear.  When properly installed and used within their rated torque limits, our flat plates have been known to last decades with only simple maintenance. 

The E-Gear was developed and introduced by Aqua Marine Supply in the early 2000's.  It was the first of its kind for the boat lift industry.  The E-Gear takes the maintenance out of the equation with a double reduction gear set that is fully enclosed in a cast-aluminum housing.   When properly applied and inspected, the E-Gear will get the job done with virtually no maintenance required.


Cradle Lift Gallery

Piling Diagram

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