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Protect your seats and  fiberglass from the elements with a canopy cover.  The canopy will pay for itself in

two to three years.


You'll enjoy your boat more if you don't have to remove and replace a mooring cover or remove rain water from seat compartments.

Available Cover Types

Canopy Vents


Shelter-Rite is a "Made in America" quality vinyl product. Heavy duty tightly woven polyester fibers provide excellent tear, puncture & abrasion resistance. A high performance vinyl formulation keeps the vinyl pliable, crack and peel resistant, UV, mold, and mildew resistant. The 18 oz weight combined with heat sealed welded seams make Shelter-Rite vinyl the most durable and number one used vinyl in the marine industry. Flat matte, smooth finish makes clean up very easy.

Canopy Color2015.jpg
REC Water fabric.png


The Quiklash canopy attachment system provides a user friendly and easy to install design with increased strength and durability over traditional attachment systems. Sewn into the interior of the cover, Quiklash is a fabric strip with reinforced lacing holes to eliminate the need of grommets to secure the canopy. The Quiklash webbing is reinforced with Armor Bar, a high-tenacity polyester yarn which provides increased tear resistance and strength.

Canopy vents are now incorporated into the ends of the canopy to reduce billowing in high winds

CoverTuff Boat Lift Canopy Cubby 

Maximize space, deter theft and end clutter by adding a Canopy Cubby to your Boat Lift Canopy! The Canopy Cubby can be used to store anything from life jackets to fishing gear. The Canopy Cubby installs quickly and easily with no tools needed and the coated mesh allows for air flow. This product is made in the USA.

Large Canopy Cubby fits boat lift widths from 110 inches to 124 inches.

canopy cubby.jpg

The frame is made from 6061 T-6 Marine grade Aluminum for long life in the salt environment.Top is supported by trusses every two feet.Large 3” x 3” side support tubes.   Attachment bracketa are custom made.

Canopy frame.JPG
  • Standard canopies are 22, 24, 26 & 28 ft. long  x  10 ft. wide.  Other lengths are available.

  • Canopies with frame and Shelter-Rite vinyl are priced from $2600.00 to $3900.00.

  • Canopies with frame and Rec Water fabric  are priced from $3300.00 to $4995.00.

  • Custom piling mounting bracket kits are priced from $395.00.

  • Knee bracing is recommended on frames over 26 ft.. 

Canopy Gallery

As you can see when scrolling through the gallery, most mounting brackets for pilings are a little different in design and width.

Most can be fabricated for the base price of $395.00 when the piles are spaced at 12 to 13 feet apart and extensions 3 feet high.  Extensions over 3 feet may require some additional bracing.  Give us a call to talk about your specific situation.


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