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Two Motor Control System

  • On/Off Security Switch (shown) or GFI On/Off Safety Switch
  • Manual Up/Down Switch or One-touch automatic Up/Down Switch (Auto-Stop)
  • Leveling Switch for Two Motor Systems
  • Three Button Hand Held Radio Transmitter (remote control)
  • Unit can be wired at 110 or 220V AC as long as you have a neutral

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Auto-Stop Systems:
Auto-stop systems allow you to raise or lower your lift to a specific position at the touch of a button. Without the auto-stop functionality installed, buttons on the transmitters will have to be held down until the lift is as high or as low as you need.

Auto-stop systems require the installation of a "limit switch". The limit switch you need depends on the type of motor/s that you are using. Refer to the pictures below to determine which type of limit switch you will need.
edrivelimit E-Drive Limit Switch  flatplatelimit Flat Plate Limit Switch
Auto-Stop Features. Auto-stop systems are shipped with the following features: manual up/down switch, auto-stop on/off switch, and leveling switch. Also included is our three-button remote control transmitter, part #7240, a floating remote that controls the stop.

2-for-1 Control System

  • Run Two Single Motor Lifts With One Controller
  • (2) Independent Motor Leveling Switches
  • Three Button Hand Held Radio transmitter

  • buynow

1-Motor Personal Water Craft Control System

With WATER RESISTANT Transmitter: This unit was just redesigned to run up to one 1 Hp Motor @ 120VAC.

• The dimensions of the remote are only 2.8 x 1.8 inches!!
•The range of the remote control for this system is 300 feet!


• size of box is 8x6 inches
• auto-stop is not available on PWC units

Four Motor Control System

  • On/Off Security Switch or GFI On/Off Safety Switch
  • 230V only
  • Manual Up/Down Switch or One-touch Automatic Up/Down Switch (Auto-Stop)
  • Independent Motor Leveling Switch
  • (1) Three Button Hand Held Radio Transmitter

  • buynow

Lift Disconnect Option

This is a switch that can be used to quickly turn off the power to your lift. By installing this 4 Pole 40 Amp disconnect switch, your lift can be isolated and controlled from a single location. It can also be used  to isolate a lift from the main power feed. This will help prevent electrolysis to the lift that can occur when power is left on continuously.


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